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Dumbpunx Genre Dance
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Dumbpunx is an elusive group of producers who operate through a middle man to deliver their brand of twisted electro anthemic house to their adoring fans.

According to the middle men who wish to be nameless, Dumbpunx have a long line of hits under their belts having been involved with projects that have scored over 50 no.1s in the international dance charts working with artists such as Lady Gaga, Rhianna and Kanye West.

It is not sure where they are from but their is a possibility of them being from LA and Sweden according to their middle men.

No one has actually spoken to them but they have been on the DJ circuit where they have bought in their brand of pushing electro mayhem to carve up the floor.

Several clubbers have talked about how Dumbpunx has DJed wearing a mask and glow in the dark mohawk to preserve their identity.

The rapper is 'Kid Fuss', we like Kid Fuss.

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